DMG Business

The DMG tend to hold at least two meetings per year. One in late spring and one towards the end of the stag stalking season in October.

Meetings focus on the welfare and management of the deer and their habitat, plus any other business the group needs to be aware of such as new guidelines for deer management from SNH or other government business which may affect deer managers.

Links to Agenda and Minutes are listed below


LDMG Agenda April 2021

LDMG Minutes April 2021

LDMG Agenda December 2021

LDMG Minutes December 2021


LDMG Agenda December 2020

LDMG Minutes December  2020

LDMG Agenda June 2020

LDMG Minutes June 2020


Lochalsh DMG Woodland Condition Report

LDMG December 2019 Agenda

LDMG Minutes 6 Dec 2019

LDMG December 2019 Agenda

LDMG minutes 14 June 2019

LDMG minutes 14 June 2019


Lochalsh DMG Agenda June 2018

Lochalsh Deer Management Group minutes, 13th Jun 2018

LOCHALSH DMG Agenda Nov 18

LOCHALSH DMG minutes Jun 2018

LOCHALSH DMG minutes Nov 2018


Lochalsh DMG Agenda Oct 2017

LDMG minutes 27 October 2017

Lochalsh DMG Agenda June 2017

Lochalsh DMG Minutes June 2017


Lochalsh DMG Agenda Dec 2016

Lochalsh DMG MinutesDec 2016