Deer Management Plan

Background to DMP

In 2013, the Scottish Government Rural Affairs Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACCE) undertook a review of Deer Management in Scotland. One of the recommendations of the Committee was that the deer sector should show that the voluntary basis of deer management should be ‘fit for purpose’ and it was recommended that this should be done by the end of 2016.

SNH and ADMG considered that ‘Effective Deer Management Plans’ for each Deer Management Group would be the best way to demonstrate this ‘fit for purpose’ recommendation and that those plans would be living plans that could evolve as management objectives changed over time.

In 2014, a Benchmark Criteria and associated actions was designed and published by SNH and the Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG) to help provide guidance to DMG’s on how to assess and demonstrate its effectiveness in relation to the previously produced ‘Code of Practice on Deer Management’ within a deer management plan.

The Deer Management Plan shown below for the Lochalsh Deer Management Group has addressed the actions outlined by those benchmark criteria.

Sections 1 to 5 of the plan have provided general deer management related information on all the members of the group and section 6 has detailed how the group has achieved (or intends to achieve) the 14 Benchmark Criteria.

This will be an evolving plan which will be constantly monitored and regular updates provided to ensure information is kept current and relevant.



App 2 South Ross West Properties


App_4_Affric Cannich Hills SSSI Citation

App_4_Affric Cannich Hills SSSI Info

App_4_Affric Cannich Hills SSSI Map

App_4_ancient monument info on Inverinate

App_4_Attadale SSSI Citation

App_4_Attadale SSSI Info App_

App 4_Attadale SSSI Map App_

App 4_Monar Forest SSSI Citation

App_4_Monar Forest SSSI Info

App_4_Monar Forest SSSI Map

App_5_FINAL Lochalsh DMG Assessment 14 8 2014 – QA 28 Nov 2014


App 7 Herbivore Pressure Map

App 8 Woodland Creation

App_9_Achnashellach FCS Location Map


App_10_Ticks and Lymes Disease Leaflet

App_10_What is Lymes Disease Leaflet

App_11_Draft Constitution




Annual DMP Updates

Lochalsh Deer Management Group published their new Deer Management Plan in August 2016.The Plan had a timeframe of five years with a full review due in 2020. However as it was a live, evolving plan, it was decided that a short annual update should be prepared each autumn to ensure that information is kept current and relevant. 

DMP Update 2017





DMP Update 2019


Appendix_1_Attadale NWSS Herbivore Impact – Woodland_Areas_now_fenced_DMP_update_2019_compressed


Appendix_2_Achnashellach-Proposed Fence Line_DMP_update_2019


Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-BB2016_HIA_Report

Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-BB2017_HIA_Report

Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-BB2018_HIA_Report

Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-DSH2016_HIA_Report

Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-DSH2017_HIA_Report

Appendix_3_Habitat Survey Maps-DSH2018_HIA_Report




Appendix_4_Attadale-Forestry Plans_update_mar_2019_DMP_update_2019

Appendix_5_HIA Report_2016-2018_DMP_Update_2019

DMP 2020 Update